Opinyour Project – Light Paper

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
~ Martin Luther King Jr

The evolution of social media has been driven by advances in digital technology, as well as by the human impulse to connect. And while it’s true that social platforms have enabled us to communicate with each other faster and further than ever before, they have fallen short in uniting and empowering us to tackle the greatest challenges faced by humanity.

It is time to turn the page and begin a new chapter in social media evolution.

Welcome to Opinyour, a new-generation social platform.

The clock is ticking

There comes a time in each of our lives when we must decide who we are and what we stand for. And this is more important now than ever before. Our society is facing an existential threat, and it is becoming increasingly clear that we could be heading towards difficult times if immediate action is not taken. Scientists have predicted climate breakdown within a decade, and yet change is not happening fast enough. We urgently need to find a more harmonious relationship with each other and with the natural world that is now struggling to sustain us. There is still time, but we need to step up to the challenge. If saving ourselves and the planet is our ultimate goal, we now need to get behind the ideas and campaigns that are going to achieve that goal. We need a global movement … and Opinyour is ready to be a key catalyst for this movement.

The social shift

Numerous studies are now demonstrating the darker side of social media and its negative impacts on our mental health. Contemporary society seems more individualistic, self-serving and competitive than ever before, and social media has only amplified this phenomenon. Our daily interactions online have led us to constantly compare ourselves and compete with each other, and the resulting social pressures have led to many people feeling inadequate, vulnerable, unhappy and even suicidal.

Fortunately, the age of excessive individualism and competition is beginning to give way to a new culture of solidarity and support. Opinyour aims to bring the values of collective unity and cooperation back into mainstream culture while encouraging creativity and collaboration. Our social platform is built upon an original concept that is designed to change how we relate to each other on a global scale. It will empower each of us by giving us opportunities to share our unique contributions while also revealing the impact of those actions on others around us.

Collaboration and unity

The Opinyour app is now positioning itself as a driver for positive change. It seeks to bring people together and help them build inspiring movements where united voices and actions can make a real difference. How will we achieve this? Our app will introduce a new medium in the form of co-created video content that can be dynamically shaped and developed by the people who support each movement. The feeling of unity will be expanded further through an innovative new tagging system as well as customized map visualizations that allow users to see the true extent of their influence. Indeed, with these new features, Opinyour users will have an opportunity to create inspiring and entertaining content, while also envisioning and initiating their own future.

The butterfly effect

The term influencer is about to take a more palpable and exciting turn. Opinyour's groundbreaking data chain model will enable its users to see the ripple effects generated by their video post and the subsequent actions it triggers around the world. You see, the team behind Opinyour believe that understanding the interconnectedness of everything is key to creating positive change. In designing our new social media model, we have drawn inspiration from a powerful concept called the butterfly effect. Originally associated with mathematician, meteorologist and founder of modern chaos theory Edward Lorenz, this concept describes how tiny movements such as a butterfly beating its wings can influence major movements elsewhere, such as the trajectory of a tornado. Although it sounds unbelievable, the butterfly effect metaphor demonstrates how seemingly minor happenings can contribute to major events over both distance and time. And we believe this can also be applied to how we approach saving the planet, the common ground we all literally stand on.

Autonomous communities

Many existing social media platforms have faced heavy criticism over their handling of content moderation and governance. Recent developments in blockchain technologies have brought some progress, giving rise to several projects that reward users for responsible content curation. At Opinyour, we believe people have the potential to govern their own online communities, provided the right principles and incentives are in place. As a next-generation SocialFi platform, Opinyour will use social tokens to reward users for contributions made to their communities. Community governance, however, is a complex issue which requires a broader perspective than just a simple reward system. To create the right conditions for effective autonomous environments, Opinyour will implement a revolutionary model that will change the way people relate and respond to each other's content. We are also proud to be one of the first projects to implement blockchain principles at the level of human actions and content creation.

Collective solidarity

At Opinyour, we believe it is time to transform how we relate to each other and our environment. Understanding that we are all connected is an important first step towards finding common ground. Making the world a better place therefore begins with setting aside the differences we think divide us and focusing on what truly matters. Opinyour will bring people, businesses and organizations together, in support of the campaigns they value the most. This will be realised through a dedicated program that will enable businesses to reward people for their positive contributions while bringing benefits – both social and financial – to all those involved.

Although the business reward program is scheduled for the final stages of our roadmap, we would like to invite you to join us now – as we prepare for our official global launch. We are just beginning, and this is a timely opportunity for you to play a part … by supporting our first social campaign to kickstart Opinyour!