Unity over division. Collaboration over competition.

It is time for a new social platform that will unite us beyond our differences.
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Become an Opinyour investor and help catalyse the transformation our society so urgently needs.

Be part of the historical movement

Once in a decade, a project is born that leads to the transformation of not one but many industries and areas of human life. Such a project has the potential to trigger a paradigm shift in our evolution. At Opinyour, we are proud to be that project.
Opinyour be part of historical movement

Joint creation

Imagine a platform where collective action is more inventive and more impactful than ever before. Opinyour’s unique features will make joint media creation a reality, as well as a fun new social media trend.
Opinyour be part of historical movement
Opinyour be part of historical movement

The power of unity

Our mission is to build and foster unity among people – something which we feel is essential to the survival and success of our society. Working together, rather than in isolation, we can create movements that bring tangible change, creating the future we have been hoping for.
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Butterfly effect

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado halfway around the world. We have integrated this powerful principle into our app to help show the ripple effects of our actions and posts around the globe.
Opinyour butterfly effect

Autonomous community

Content curation and community governance have been among the biggest sticking points in the social media world. Our new chain-based model will change the way people relate to each other’s posts, creating the right conditions for effective autonomous environments.



  • Core features for joint content creation
  • Opinyour team expansion
  • Stability and security optimization
  • Beta release


  • Unity and butterfly effect features
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Robustness optimization
  • Execution of the Opinyour global campaign


  • Distributed content curation
  • Self-governing communities
  • NFT-based gamification
  • Advanced unity map features


  • Adaptive and Interactive content features
  • Business and NGO integration
  • Reward-based programs
  • Scalability optimization


  • Boost to global awareness
  • Integration of Humanitarian support
  • Volunteering features
  • Donation and fundraising features

New chapter in evolution of social platforms

The past decade has witnessed the development of online platforms which have enabled us to communicate in new and fun ways. But we have now reached a pivotal point in our history, where our very existence depends on our ability to not only connect with each other but also collaborate. It is our intention to harness the power of the crowd to tackle the biggest problems faced by humanity.


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Tomas Piatrik

Opinyour thinker
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Richard Orjesek

Guru of everything
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Miroslav Markovic

Servers lion
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Maros Cavojsky

Mobile magician
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Robo Pucek

Creative bro
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Matus Tutko

Member of the tap-room
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Maksim Mistec

Social warrior
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